Low-Flying Aircraft

Aparelho Voador a Baixa Altitude

A film by Solveig Nordlund

Portugal/Sweden, 2002, 80'

In the near future, the human race is on its way to extinction. For some reason, women can no longer get pregnant. The few who achieve it only generate mutant beings that are immediately eliminated by the authorities. Judite Foster is fertile: she has become pregnant six times. Each time, the mandatory pregnancy tests showed that Judite was carrying a mutant and she was forced to abort. Now she is pregnant again and decides to run away to an abandoned hotel with her husband André, where she is taken care of by the enigmatic and unpredictable Dr. Gould. Solveig Nordlund films the ruins of the tourist complex of Tróia as a ‘Ballardian’ landscape per excellence. The writer himself was very pleased with the final result, especially since Solveig included her female perspective on «a subject that concerns all women».


DIRECTOR Solveig Nordlund SCRIPT Solveig Nordlund, Colin Tucker, Jeanne Waltz PRODUCER Maria João Mayer, François d'Artemare CAST Margarida Marinho, Miguel Guilherme, Rui Morrison, Rita Só RUNTIME 80’ LANGUAGE Portuguese SUBTITLES English

Solveig Nordlund

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