Look No Further

Não Procures Mais Além

A film by André Marques

Portugal, France, Haiti, 2019, 25'

In Haiti, Elsie wakes Löic from a hidden grave in the forest. He does not remember anything, just what they are: vampires. With Löic's memory slowly returning, Elsie fears that the love she feels for him may not be enough to keep him by her side.


DIRECTOR André Marques SCRIPT André Marques PRODUCER Pedro Fernandes Duarte (Primeira Idade), Emmanuelle Latourrette & Fabrice Préel­Cléach (Offshore), André Marques CAST Lucília Raimundo, Mauro Lopes LANGUAGE Haitian Creole, Portuguese SUBTITLES Portuguese, English, French SALES Agência - Portuguese Short Film Agency agencia@curtas.pt

André Marques

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