ミスミソウ (Misumiso)

A film by Eisuke Naito

Japan, 2018, 114'

Haruka, a transfer student on a rural middle school that will soon close due to lack of students, is victim of severe bullying from a group of her classmates, led by Taeko. Her only friend is Mitsuru, a young boy with a passion for photography and the local flora. When the cruelty of her tormentors escalates to unspeakable levels, Haruka will react in unpredictable ways. Among the several recent Japanese genre films with bullying in school as the backdrop, “Liverleaf” is probably the most intense and bloody, being laced with a dark and twisted sense of humour and aesthetically dominated by two colours — snow white and blood red. Based on Rensuke Oshikiri’s manga, also known as “Hepatica”.


DIRECTOR Eisuke Naito ARGUMENTO Miako Tadano PRODUCER Kimiaki Tasaka, Koji Harada CAST Anna Yamada, Hiroya Shimizu, Rinka Otani RUNTIME 114’ LANGUAGE Japanese SUBTITLES Portuguese, English

Eisuke Naito

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