Keep Me Company

Faz-me Companhia

A film by Gonçalo Almeida

Portugal, 2019, 88'

Silvia rents a house for the weekend in the south of Portugal with the intention of meeting her secret lover Clara. Between tanning sessions and swims by the pool, this perfect couples’ weekend begins to take a turn due to a mysterious Evil. Strange events that occur in the house will change their relationship and personal lives forever. After last year’s “Mutant Blast” and “Inner Ghosts”, MOTELX hosts a new world première of a portuguese horror feature for the Méliès competition. The director Gonçalo Almeida was the winner of MOTELX’s short-film competition in 2017 with “Thursday Night”, a canine ghost story that was screened in Sundance. This is his feature film debut.


DIRECTOR Gonçalo Almeida SCRIPT Gonçalo Almeida PRODUCER Margarida Correia CAST Cleia Almeida, Filipa Areosa LANGUAGE Portuguese SUBTITLES English SALES Margarida Correia

Gonçalo Almeida

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