Jairo's Revenge

La Venganza de Jairo

A film by Simon Hernandez

Colombia, Mexico, 2019, 86'

Colombian Jairo Pinilla is the most beloved purveyor of B-horror movies in Latin America. Pinilla was the first to use special effects in Colombian film and his films were major box-office successes in Colombia. At the peak of his career, Jairo vanished mysteriously. Many legends were woven around his disappearance; some said he had become a taxi driver, others swore he was living in Venezuela, and still others were sure he was dead. Now, after twenty years without filming, 70-year-old Jairo will shoot his last film: “The Shadow of Death”, the first horror film to be shot in 3D in Colombia. Throughout the production process, we will see how his dream turns his life into a living nightmare.


DIRECTOR Simon Hernandez SCRIPT Elisa Puerto, Simon Hernandez PRODUCER Ivette Liang, Marco Salgado CAST Jairo Pinilla LANGUAGE Spanish SUBTITLES Portuguese, English SALES Ivette Liang titaive@gmail.com

Simon Hernandez

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