Jack Taylor, Testigo del Fantástico

Jack Taylor, Testigo del Fantástico

A film by Diego López Fernández

Spain, 2018, 32'

Spain was one of the three vertices of European exploitation cinema together with Italy and France, from the mid-60s to the early 80s. All these countries produced films with their own characteristics and personalities. The main feature of our neighbour’s cinema was its antifascist connotation, a kind of escape valve from the Franco regime. Its main artisans were Jesus Franco, Amando de Ossorio and Paul Naschy. There are few actors still living that have worked with all three of them during the golden age of this cinema. One of them is the American Jack Taylor, who will be one of MOTELX’s special guests this year, where he will be honoured.

Born in the USA in 1936 under the name George Brown Randall, he began acting as an American TV actor where he was credited as Jack Taylor. He left the United States in the late 1950s for Mexico where he worked in the prolific Mexican film industry. He came to Europe for a role in Joseph L. Mankiewicz's epic “Cleopatra” with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. It is then that he settled in Spain, where Jesus Franco will give him his first roles as a protagonist in films such as "Necronomicon" or "Eugenie".
Throughout this collaboration with Franco, he would co-star with actors in the likes of Christopher Lee, Ray Milland, Soledad Miranda or Klaus Kinsky.

Beyond this era, other feature films he participated in include works by John Milius, Ridley Scott or Milos Forman. In Portugal, he starred opposite Johnny Depp in Polanski's "The Ninth Gate", partially filmed in Sintra. His status as a cult actor in Spain has given him continuous work in the field, being invited by contemporary film directors such as Eugenio Mira. In 2018, he was the subject of a documentary about his career by Diego López, programmer for Sitges International Film Festival, entitled "Jack Taylor, Testigo del Fantástico" that will be screened before "Necronomicon" in this special screening honouring this renowned actor of horror cinema.


DIRECTOR Diego López Fernández SCRIPT Diego López Fernández PRODUCER La Charito Films, Areavisual SL CAST Jack Taylor LANGUAGE Spanish SUBTITLES Portuguese, English SALES Areavisual SL documentales@areavisual.es

Diego López Fernández

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