Inferno Rosso - Joe D’Amato on the Road of Excess

Inferno rosso: Joe D'Amato sulla via dell'eccesso

A film by Manlio Gomarasca, Massimiliano Zanin

Italy, 2021, 70'

Who was Aristide Massaccesi, better known as Joe D’Amato? A genius of horror in the USA, a master of eroticism in France, the king of porn in Italy, D’Amato made more than 200 films — from spaghetti westerns to post-apocalyptic, from porn to extreme horror —, holding the roles of producer, director, director of photography, and even camera operator. Guided by the aesthetics of the extreme, he devoted his life to his obsession: the film set. Presented by Nicolas Winding Refn, “Inferno Rosso” features some of the most prominent European directors of exploitation and horror, such as Jess Franco, Ruggero Deodato, or Michele Soavi, as well as Eli Roth. World premiere at the official selection of the Venice Film Festival.


Director Manlio Gomarasca, Massimiliano Zanin Script Manlio Gomarasca, Massimiliano Zanin Producer Federico Lami Cast Lamberto Bava, Tinto Brass, Manilo Cersocimo Language Italian, English, French Subtitles English Sales Le Pacte

Manlio Gomarasca, Massimiliano Zanin

Directors "Inferno Rosso - Joe D’Amato on the Road of Excess"
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