A film by Joaquim Leitão

Portugal, 1999, 120'

Once a year, ten men who fought together in Mozambique, during the Overseas War, meet in a restaurant on the outskirts of Alentejo, near the border of Portugal and Spain. On that day, Nunes, the owner, dismisses the cook, closes the place to the public and hangs a banner on the wall with the Rangers' insignia and motto: ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE. A motto that is also an implicit pact, which not all of them fulfilled and even today overshadows the relationship between them. But this time, due to the presence of a prostitute and a hunt that ends in a shooting, things will take a turn for the worse... Ten actors in a state of excellence, in particular Rogério Samora, Nicolau Breyner and the surprising Júlio César, in a film taking place in one single night and ending in a Peckinpah style shootout at the border.


Director Joaquim Leitão Script Tino Navarro, Joaquim Leitão Producer Tino Navarro Cast Joaquim de Almeida, Nicolau Breyner, Ana Bustorff Language Portuguese Subtitles English Distribution NOS Lusomundo Audiovisuais

Joaquim Leitão

Director "Inferno" and "20,13" 
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