I See You

I See You

A film by Adam Randall

USA, 2019, 98'

In a perfect town full of perfect families, 12-year-old Justin Whitter is missing. Greg Harper, the lead investigator on the case, struggles to balance the pressure of the investigation, which drew attention to a similar case thought to be buried in the past, while seeking a way to forgive his wife, Jackie, for a recent infidelity. Even more tension is put upon the family when a malicious presence manifests and puts their son in mortal danger, and the cold, harsh truth about what goes on at the Harpers' home is finally uncovered. Director Adam Randall's second feature, after “iBoy”, the first British Netflix original production.


DIRECTOR Adam Randall SCRIPT Devon Graye PRODUCER Matt Waldeck CAST Helen Hunt, Jon Tenney, Judah Lewis LANGUAGE English SUBTITLES Portuguese SALES Arta Dinsberga arta@bankside-films.com Krisztina Laszlo krisztina@bankside-films.com

Adam Randall

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