Horse Money

Cavalo Dinheiro

A film by Pedro Costa

Portugal, 2014, 103'

While the young captains march through Lisbon during the April Revolution, the people of the Fontainhas neighbourhood in Amadora continue looking for Ventura, who got lost in the forest. Today, demolished in the name of progress, the neighbourhood no longer exists. Lost in a country haunted by colonial war, revolution and decolonisation, Ventura revisits his personal ghosts that are moulded in the ghosts of Portugal. The main character of "Juventude em Marcha" returns in Costa's most phantasmagorical film. Ventura wanders through the limbo of his memories and traumas, confronted by spectral and enigmatic visions. Film that adds Vitalina Varela to the characters of Costa's films and where the shadows of Tourneur, 25 years after “O Sangue”, continue to manifest themselves.


DIRECTOR Pedro Costa  SCRIPT Pedro Costa  PRODUCER  Abel Ribeiro Chaves CAST Tito Furtado, António Santos, Vitalina Varela LANGUAGE Português  SUBTITLES English SALES Midas Filmes

Pedro Costa

Director "Horse Money", "Ne Change Rien"
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