History of the Occult

Historia de lo oculto

A film by Cristian Jesús Ponce

Argentina, 2020, 80'

This is the last broadcast of “60 Minutes to Midnight”, the most famous journalism program on TV. Tonight’s guest is Adrian Marcato, who might expose a mass conspiracy that links the national government to an actual coven. Meanwhile, a group of journalists will run against the clock not only to unveil this conspiracy, but also to locate an object that will corroborate Marcato’s confession on the air. They’ll have to rely not only on their knowledge of the job, but also on other less conventional methods. “History of the Occult” is a surprising history about the dark relation between politics and the witches phenomenon.


DIRECTOR Cristian Jesús Ponce SCRIPT Cristian Jesús Ponce PRODUCER Tangram Producciones CAST Germán Baudino, Federico Aimetta, Ivan Ezquerré LANGUAGE Spanish SUBTITLES English SALES Tangram Cine info@tangramcine.com

Cristian Jesús Ponce

Director "History of the Occult"
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