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A film by Olivier Abbou

France, 2018, 97'

Paul Diallo, a history teacher, lives a quiet life with his wife and kid. Over the Summer, he lends his house to his son’s babysitter and her boyfriend. When they return, the Diallo family find themselves locked out of their home – the locks have been changed and the new tenants insist they are in their right. Soon the once anti-violent teacher is approaching a point of no return. For Paul, it marks the start of a struggle that will lead to the crumbling of his relationship, his values and even his own humanity. Olivier Abbou’s new feature film offers an original take on the home invasion sub-genre based on true events. Starring Paul Hamy, the protagonist of João Pedro Rodrigues’ “The Ornithologist”.


DIRECTOR Olivier Abbou SCRIPT Olivier Abbou, Aurélien Molas PRODUCER Léonard Glowinski, François Lardenois, Jean-Christophe Barret CAST Adama Niane, Stéphane Caillard, Paul Hamy LANGUAGE French SUBTITLES Portuguese, English SALES WTFILMS

Olivier Abbou

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