Four Hands

Die Vierhändige

A film by Oliver Kienle

Germany, 2017, 90'

After Sophie and Jessica witness the brutal murder of their parents when they were kids, Jessica promised to always protect her younger sister. As they grew older, this promise became an obsession. Now, Jessica is suffering from paranoia and sees threats to her and her sister everywhere. But Sophie wants to live a normal life without fear, without her sister. She wants to become a pianist and wants to fall in love. When the perpetrators are released from prison after 20 years, Jessica is shocked and wants to confront them. But an accident changes everything and Jessica’s promise to always protect her little sister turns into an existential nightmare. Oliver Kienle’s second feature film is an exercise in psychological tension around the idea of trauma and identity that rein - forces the position of German cinema on the European horror universe.


DIRECTOR Oliver Kienle SCRIPT Oliver Kienle PRODUCER Klaus Dohle, Markus Reinecke CAST Frida-Lovisa Hamann, Friederike Becht, Christoph Letkowski RUNTIME 90’ LANGUAGE German SUBTITLES Portuguese, English

Oliver Kienle

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