Exorcism of Mary Lamb


A film by Yasumasa Konno

Japan, 2018, 95'

Imamura, a cop with bad temper and problems dealing with authority, is on suspension from the police force when his superior, Tajima, calls him to work on a murder case: a body was just found inside a plastic bag filled with blood. The detectives follow a clue taking them to a small sanatorium where six patients are committed. Meanwhile, the gruesome murders continue. Following “Valentine Nightmare”, a teen horror supernatural film based on the popular video game of the same name, Yasumasa Konno directs this restrained but solid police procedural, an entry into the serial killer subgenre with a tight mystery plot with psychological complexities. “The Exorcism of Mary Lamb” is a world premiere at MOTELX.


DIRECTOR Yasumasa Konno SCRIPT Yasumasa Konno PRODUCER Takao Tsuchimoto, Shintaro Horikawa CAST Toru Kizu, Karen Masaki, Shohei Abe RUNTIME 95’ LANGUAGE Japanese SUBTITLES Portuguese, English

Yasumasa Konno

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