A film by Mika Ninagawa

Japan, 2019, 117'

Kanako thinks her life can’t get any worse until she applies for a dubious part-time job and ends up being sold to a restaurant with fortress-like walls and an intensely colourful interior. Trapped within, she has no choice but to work as a waitress for a genius chef who caters only to killers. Kanako soon realizes she has been hurled into a world of insanity, without an apparent way to escape. Third feature by Mika Ninagawa, who also directs commercials and works as a photographer, “Diner” is a visual treat with a succession of delicious-looking dishes in a set of overly saturated colours, were the protagonist will fight for her life on a daily basis, as a gallery of weird, extravagant and lethal characters ask to be served.


DIRECTOR Mika Ninagawa SCRIPT Hirohito Goto, Yoshikazu Sugiyama, Mika Ninagawa PRODUCER Takuya Ito CAST Tatsuya Fujiwara LANGUAGE Japanese SUBTITLES Portuguese, English SALES Nippon Television Network Corporation eiga@ntv.co.jp

Mika Ninagawa

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