A film by Joseph Winter, Vanessa Winter

USA, 2022, 87'

Shawn Ruddy, a popular but toxic YouTube vlogger, is cancelled after one of his stunts went too far, leaving him disgraced and demonetized. To win back his followers, he comes up with a far-fetched plan: overcome his biggest fear by livestreaming a whole night in an abandoned haunted house. When he accidentally spites a vengeful spirit, what was supposed to be his comeback turns out to be a real-time fight for his life – and social relevance –, as he faces off the sinister spirit of the house, which has her own powerful following. "Deadstream'' enters that group of films which are as hilarious as they are horrific, with power couple Joseph and Vanessa Winter who understand the universal appeal of locking an absolute idiot in a horror scenario.


Director Joseph Winter, Vanessa Winter Script Joseph Winter, Vanessa Winter Production Jared Cook, Melanie Stone, Joseph Winter, et al. Cast Joseph Winter, Melanie Stone, Jason K. Wixom Language English Sales Blue Finch Distribution Shudder

Joseph Winter, Vanessa Winter

Director "Deadstream"
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