A film by Rasmus Kloster Bro

Denmark, 2017, 84'

Rie is a public relations coordinator visiting the boring construction site for the Copenhagen metro to promote the image of European cooperation. When an accident occurs, she is forced to take refuge in a pressurized compartment with workers Ivo, from Croatia, and Bharan, from Eritrea. The three will have to depend on each other to survive the heat, pressure, and mud, having to confront different worldviews and to reassess their lives. Candidate for the most claustrophobic film ever, "Cutterhead" is the first feature film by Rasmus Kloster Bro, who said he intended to convey to the public the feeling of being «devoured by the underground». The world premiere was at the Neuchâtel Fantastic Film Festival in July.


DIRECTOR  Rasmus Kloster Bro SCRIPT Rasmus Kloster Bro, Mikkel Bak Sørensen PRODUCER Amalie Lyngbo Hjort CAST Christine Sønderris, Samson Semere Russom, Kresimir Mikic  RUNTIME 84’ LANGUAGE English SUBTITLES Portuguese

Rasmus Kloster Bro

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