Brothers' Nest

Brothers' Nest

A film by Clayton Jacobson

Australia, 2018, 97'

On a cold morning in the middle of Victoria state, two brothers arrive at their family home intent on murdering their stepfather Roger. Terry and Jeff’s motive is simple — killing their step-dad will render their dying mother’s plan to change her will in his favour be in vain. A staged “suicide” has been meticulously planned but there is one thing the boys didn’t take into account: spending an entire day together. Old grudges, different worldviews and a general troubled history will pit these two brothers against each other. "Brothers’ Nest" is a tragic comedy about family, loyalty and murder, directed by Clayton Jacobson who, in addition to mastering the tension between characters, produced the film and plays the role of one of the brothers at the center of the story.


DIRECTOR Clayton Jacobson SCRIPT Jaime Browne PRODUCER Jason Byrne, Clayton Jacobson CAST  Shane Jacobson, Clayton Jacobson, Kim Gyngell, Lynette Curran, Katie Graham, Wolfe Byrne, Angus Byrne, Billee Byrne, Sarah Snook, Sean Lander, Ronald Jacobson. RUNTIME 97’ LANGUAGE English SUBTITLES Portuguese

Clayton Jacobson

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