A film by Virginie Despentes, Coralie Trinh Thi

France, 2000, 77'

Nadine and Manu, two young women living in a small city in the south of France, are kidnapped and raped by three men. The event will lead them to a journey of crime, violence, and death, with no return. Based on the novel of the same name by co-director Virginie Despentes, “Baise-Moi” is a classic example of a shocker, not only due to the extreme violence, but mostly due to the hard-core sex scenes. Both co-director Coralie Trinh Thi and actresses Karen Lancaume (who would commit suicide in 2005, aged 32) and Raffaëlla Anderson worked in the porn film industry. The explicit sex and extreme violence resulted in the film being censored and banned in several countries.


Director Virginie Despentes, Coralie Trinh Thi Script Virginie Despentes, Coralie Trinh Thi Producer Philippe Godeau Cast Raffaëla Anderson, Karen Bach, Patrick Eudeline Language French Subtitles Portuguese, English Sales Tamasa Distribution

Virginie Despentes, Coralie Trinh Thi

Directors "Baise-Moi" 
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