オーディション (Ôdishon)

A film by Takashi Miike

Japan, 1999, 115'

When Shigeharu is convinced by his son to remarry, a film producer friend of his invites him to the auditions for a film that might not even be made. While one looks for an actress, the other aims to choose his future wife. Asami is the chosen one, but Shigeharu is yet to know the young woman’s dark secrets. Produced in the same year as “Dead or Alive”, “Audition” marks the beginning of the international popularity of Miike, after raising some heads with “Fudoh” a few years before. With an almost hypnotizing slow pacing, the film is shaken by a sudden change in tone that takes us to a final act with a shocking climax not concerned with the emotional well-being of the viewer.


Director Takashi Miike Script Daisuke Tengan Producer Satoshi Fukushima, Akemi Suyama Cast Ryo Ishibashi, Eihi Shiina, Tetsu Sawaki Language Japanese Subtitles Portuguese, English  Sales Coproduction Office

Takashi Miike

Director "First Love"
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