A Glitch in the Matrix

A Glitch in the Matrix

A film by Rodney Ascher

USA, 2020, 108'

What if we are living in a simulation, and the world as we know it is not real? To tackle this mind-boggling idea, acclaimed documentary filmmaker Rodney Ascher (“Room 237”, screened at MOTELX 2013) uses a noted speech from Philip K. Dick to dive down the rabbit hole of science, philosophy, and conspiracy theories. Leaving no stone unturned in exploring the improbable, the film uses contemporary cultural touchstones like “The Matrix”, interviews with real people disguised as digital avatars, and a wide array of voices, expert and amateur alike. If Simulation Theory is not science fiction but fact, and life is a video game being played by some unknown entity, then who are we, really?


Director Rodney Ascher Script Rodney Ascher Producer Ross Dinerstein, Colin Frederick, Rodney Ascher Cast Nick Bostrom, Joshua Cooke, Erik Davis Language English Subtitles Portuguese Sales Magnolia Pictures International international@magpictures.com

Rodney Ascher

Director "A Glitch in the Matrix" 
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