20,13 Purgatório

A film by Joaquim Leitão

Portugal, 2006, 114'

On Christmas Eve 1969, during the colonial war, a patrol returned to the Portuguese army barracks in Mozambique and brought a prisoner. They expect a peaceful night, given the custom of truce on Christmas night and day. But the captain's wife unexpectedly arrives to spend Christmas, and the discomfort between the two is notorious. During the night, the prisoner and one of the soldiers are found dead and the barracks are being bombed. Until this film’s premiere, Manoel de Oliveira's “Non ou a Vã Glória de Mandar” had been the only film to fictionalize combat in Africa. “20.13 Purgatory” goes even further by including a night attack and a forbidden passion – the 20.13 refers to a verse in the Bible that is at the origin of one of the story’s mysteries. The interpretations of the idealist soldier by Marco D'Almeida and the tormented captain by Adriano Carvalho stand out.


Director Joaquim Leitão Script Tino Navarro, Luís Lopes, Joaquim Leitão Producer Tino Navarro Cast Marco d´Almeida, Adriano Carvalho, Carla Chambel Language Portuguese Subtitles English Distribution NOS Lusomundo Audiovisuais

Joaquim Leitão

Director "Inferno" and "20,13" 
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