Yorn microSHORTS

Yorn continues to ask the public to present small doses of horror filmed with mobile phones, tablets or smartphones at MOTELX. Yorn microSHORTS return for the Festival's 12th edition.

In order to reinforce the natural connection between the brand and film and to promote national horror cinema through the use of new technologies in cinematographic production, Yorn microSHORTS will select the most terrifying films that have a maximum duration of two minutes. Registration will open in the following days and will last until 31 August.

To participate, all you have to do is go onto MOTELX's Facebook page or Yorn's Facebook page to fill in the form to enter the competition and, after being considered eligible by the Festival's team, appeal to votes. 

All short films that have a minimum of 20 votes will be evaluated by MOTELX's team to then select up to 30 finalists. The jury, composed of three elements chosen by MOTELX and Yorn, will select the winner that will be announced during the Festival, 4 - 9 September, at Cinema São Jorge. 

Terms and conditions available in Portuguese.
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