The microSHORTS Award is back!

In 2020, MOTELX decided to revive the microSHORTS award during quarantine, to see how far the creativity behind the making of a horror film could go within four walls.

The idea was extended well beyond that self-isolation period, and the results were beyond surprising. Terrifying stories that happen not only at home, but also at the beach, in the cemetery, and even in another galaxy.
All of this in two minutes, and shot entirely with mobile phones, tablets, or smartphones.

This competition aims to promote national horror cinema through the use of new technologies in film production, a trend increasingly present in the Seventh Art’s imaginary. There are 31 videos in competition, and those who manage to obtain a minimum of 20 likes will sit before a jury.

The winning microSHORT will then be shown at the Closing Ceremony of MOTELX - Lisbon International Horror Film Festival’s 14th edition.
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