Big Bad Wolf
Short Scares

This year, the Big Bad Wolf returns with more screenings of short films with a compilation for children from the age six and up. These short film screenings from around the world are intended to stimulate the imagination of the little ones and entertain the whole family with a great diversity of monsters and creatures, fantastic and imaginary worlds.

Screenings: 11 SEP | 14h40 
Runtime: 68'
Ages: 6+
Price general entry: €3
Price for schools: €1 (teachers free)

Chasing Sparks
Lucas Moreira (Portugal, 2019, 6')

Dji: Death Fails
Dmitri Voloshin (Moldova, 2019, 4')

The Entangled
Stanislav Sekela (Czech Republic, 2014, 9')

How and Why Don Jose Dissipated
Moshe Ben-Avraham (Israel, Spain, 2018, 13')

In the Woods
Salomé Bertolone Lopez, Maxime Dartois, et. al. (France, 2018, 7')

Like and Follow
Tobias Schlage, Brent Forrest (Japan, Canada, 2019, 2')

Melodia Fatal
Alfredo Bidarra, Ana Sofia Feijão, Lupi Harizanos, et. al. (Portugal, 2019, 3')

Monster Symphony
Kiana Naghshineh (Germany, 2012, 3')

Martin Pošta (Czech Republic, 2017, 6')

The New Species
Kateřina Karhánková (Czech Republic, 2014, 6')

Catarina Cardona, Rita Marques, Luana Ramos (Portugal, 2018, 2')

Swimming Pool
Alexandra Hetmerová (Czech Republic, 2010, 7')
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