2 SET. | 21h30
ALCÂNTARA LIBRARY (entrada pela Rua da Rosa)
Entrada livre mediante inscrição prévia - 

Storytelling by Maria João Luís, José Anjos, Miguel Borges and Vítor Alves da Silva, sonic universe by NOISERV.

MOTELX has been accompanied by the most disturbing folklore, tales and legends that cross generations and lead us to discover mysteries, awakening the curiosity and creative imagination in Men. This year, Convento São Pedro de Alcântara hosts the RHAPSODE show, an immersive night dedicated to the spoken word, storytellers, tales, texts, and stories associated with the horror and fantastic universe.  Maria João Luís, José Anjos, Miguel Borges, and Vitor Alves da Silva will lead us. NOISERV will fill with music that night that never existed, but that may exist on that night…
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