Masterclass: Bro Cinema's adventure in "Color Out of Space"

Masterclass: Bro Cinema’s adventure in bringing “Color Out of Space”, starring Nicolas Cage, to life

Portugal was for months the upstate of New York. A united, mainly Portuguese, team met a director from the mountains of the south of France and, with all their heart and soul, revived a filmmaker who hadn’t released anything for over 20 years.

How does a film like this arrive in Portugal? why Portugal? what were the decisive factors? what were the major challenges in a production involving multinational teams? what was it like working with a star like Nicolas Cage?

This film has the peculiarity of having many special effects, construction of “monsters” and, at the same time, a high component of VFX. Not to mention children, dogs and alpacas, a real puzzle when it comes to shooting a film.
 It was a mix of art and entertainment that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) with asold out screening, full of spectators in a state of delirium that felt more like the finals of a football championship.The completion of this film by Bro Cinema was an adventure which, now that it’s over, has left its participantslonging for more!
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