Frankenstein: The Heritage of Mary Shelley

In 2018, we celebrate the 200 years of the publication of "Frankenstein". 68 years before "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" and 79 years before "Dracula". These three novels constitute the "Holy Trinity" of horror literature according to Stephen King. Its author, Mary Shelley, became known for this work and for being responsible for the posthumous publication of her husband Percy Shelley’s poems. But the truth is that we are dealing with the first modern Gothic novel which brings together the haunted castles of European folklore and the new scientific spirit of the industrial revolution, written by a young 19-year-old woman. But Mary Shelley did not come by through literary chance, she's the daughter of philosopher William Godwin and the first feminist in history, Mary Wollstonecraft. The monster was not only the result of a nightmare suggested by a stormy night, but it bears witness to the feminine condition at the time it was generated, through its author's own tragic experiences. It took two centuries to begin to give importance to Mary Shelley, to the detriment of Boris Karloff or James Whale, who elevated her creation to a pop icon status. We have put together an all-female panel to discuss the place of this novel in our era and how it continues to be a quite current and relevant reading.

With the presence of Maria João Luís, Isabel Abreu, Bárbara Bulhosa and Helena Vasconcelos. 
Moderated by Fernanda Câncio.

7 SEP | 19h15
Sala 2 at Cinema São Jorge
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