Exhibit: "The Most Chilling Tales of H.P. Lovecraft"

The exhibition "The Most Chilling Tales of H.P. Lovecraft", with illustrations by Miguel Ruivo, Joana Afonso, Ricardo Cabral, Luís Cavaco, Darsy Fernandes, Bárbara Lopes, Cláudia Guerreiro, Carlos Fernandes, Marta Teives, Raquel Costa, Miguel Jorge, Ricardo Venâncio, Mosi, Miguel Mendonça, Leonor Pacheco, Filipe Alves, Diana Andrade, Fábio Vera, Filipe Andrade, João Maio Pinto, Luís Morcela and Luís Corte Real, will launch at the Festival's opening. With the release of the anthology "The Most Chilling Tales of H.P. Lovecraft", we showcase the black and white works of 22 national illustrators to represent one of the greatest horror masters ever, who influenced so many authors of the comic book world, but also from literature and cinema, from Jorge Luis Borges to Michel Houellebecq or Stephen King, passing through “South Park” and the “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Image by Raquel Costa, Ricardo Venâncio

Date: 4 September
Schedule: 20h00
Where: Cinema São Jorge
Price: Free entry
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