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Book presentation: MOTELX's Lost Room: The Films of Portuguese Horror (1911-2006)

In its 3rd edition, held in 2009, MOTELX - Lisbon International Horror Film Festival, inaugurated the Lost Room section in the following manner: «the cinematographic past was not a dark age of fantasy and horror cinema, we explored the Cinemateca archives in order to discover films and authors that could define the “Portuguese terror” and this year we are starting the section Lost Room, which every year will recover from oblivion works that would otherwise be impossible to access».

"MOTELX's Lost Room: The Films of Portuguese Horror (1911-2006)" resumes the goal of this section by proposing a list of Portuguese horror films. Therefore, this book presents a set of texts about these oeuvres, offering a first look at them, consolidated in the light of the genre and, naturally, of contemporaneity, far from the internecine wars that caused some of these titles to be forgotten.

With this initiative, MOTELX proposes a new perspective on our cinematographic past, whose stories and characters are somewhat forgotten. Few will know that one of the first Portuguese films was about the serial killer of Lisbon’s Aqueduct, Diogo Alves; that the first Portuguese (horror) film directed by a woman took place in the 1940s, when the Estado Novo regime was in full swing, by a 22-year-old named Bárbara Virgínia; that in Lisbon there was a small boom in exploitation films by the heartthrob António Vilar; or that the director who has more adaptations of British writer J. G. Ballard’s books was the Portuguese-Swedish Solveig Nordlund. All these episodes will be part of this book and will provide the “missing link” between the past and the emerging Portuguese horror cinema.
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