Best Portuguese Short Film Award / Méliès d'Argent


The MOTELX Award - Best Portuguese Horror Short Film is one of the highlights of the Festival and the result of one of MOTELx's main goals: the promotion, stimulation and screening of horror films made in Portugal.

The winner will receive a money prize worth €5,000, another €5,000 in post-production services at Kino Sound Studio, and an inspirational weekend at one of the Belver Hotels, one of MOTELX's sponsors.

The winning short also receives the Méliès d’Argent and is automatically selected for the international competition Méliès d’Or for Best European Short Film, a prize awarded annually by the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation ( to the best short and feature films made in Europe.

The Federation is a network of 22 festivals from 16 different countries, with a total global audience of 450k. The Méliès d’Or is awarded every year to the best european genre feature and short film.

Past Winners

In 2009, in MOTELX's 3rd edition, the first MOTELX Award was given to «Sangue Frio», by Patrick Mendes.

Every year since, a number of submitted Portuguese short films enter the competition in order to win our prize money as well as the Méliès d'Argent, given by the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation, of which MOTELX is part of (

Here are the winners from every edition so far.

Post-Mortem by Belmiro Ribeiro

Winner in 2016

Edgar is a jaded photographer. One evening he witnesses a murder. The culprit escapes. Edgar, instead of helping the victim, becomes mesmerised by the expression of pure terror in her face.

Miami by Simão Cayatte

Winner in 2015

Raquel is a teenage girl who dreams of escaping from
her neighborhood and becoming a star. She wants to be famous. But unfortunately reality is another thing.

Pela Boca Morre o Peixe by João P. Nunes

Winner in 2014

Years of illegal fishing made him famous among those that share a passion for the grotesque and the unlawful. One day, the hunter becomes the prey.

O Coveiro by André Gil Mata

Winner in 2013

A story of a child who was born a monster, narrated under the moonlight.

A Bruxa de Arroios by Manuel Pureza

Winner in 2012

She arrives home at the end of the day, tired. While she prepares dinner, he reads the newspaper. Finally, she decides to bake some special cookies.

Conto do Vento by Cláudio Jordão, Nelson Martins

Winner in 2011

A bedtime story with boys and girls, old men and
old women, bonfires and monsters, death and screams.

Bats in the Belfry by João Alves

Winner in 2010

Deadeye Jack, after a failed robbery attempt, returns to the scene of the crime using the night as cover.

Sangue Frio by Patrick Mendes

Winner in 2009

The story of a sadistic relationship between a girl and a supposed scarecrow
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