The Noonday Witch


A film by Jiří Sádek

Czech Republic, 2016, 89'

In the middle of an unusually hot summer, Eliška moves back to her husband’s native village with her young daughter Karolínka. Their return is associated with a mystery that everyone seems to be aware of except the girl. The heat starts to become unbearable, as the tension between mother and daughter mounts. To make things worse, locals begin to see similarities between Eliška’s situation and an old legend from the region.

Blazing sunshine and golden cornfields are not the traditional landscape for horror movies, but that’s Jiri Sadek’s proposal, a young Czech director of only 27 years, in co-production with HBO. This Czech debut at MOTELX is inspired by an 1853 poem by Karel Jaromir Erben, a poet known for his poetry based on ancient Slavic folklore.

Language Czech Subtitles Portuguese, English


Director Jiří Sádek Script Michal Samir Producer Matěj Chlupáček Cast Anna Geislerová, Karolína Lipowská, Daniela Kolářová Sales Barletta

Jiří Sádek

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