Sam Was Here

A film by Christophe Deroo

France/USA, 2016, 75'

Sam, a door-to-door salesman, travels through the desert in search of clients, yet the area seems deserted. And his wife won't answer his phone calls. It's as if everyone was avoiding him. His only contact with the outside world is a local radio station. The host, a strange man by the name of Eddy, takes calls regarding a child killer at large, and pushes listeners to hunt the man to death. That's when Sam realizes everyone thinks he's the killer...

Feature film debut of French director Christopher Deroo, shot entirely in the Californian desert, brings to mind the surrealistic universes of David Lynch through its open air claustrophobic scenarios, mysterious characters and evocative soundtrack.

Language English Subtitles Portuguese


Director Christophe Deroo Script Christophe Deroo Producer Katya Mokolo, Christophe Deroo, Clement Lepoutre, Gary Farkas, Olivier Muller Cast Rusty Joiner, Sigrid La Chapelle, Rhoda Pell Sales WTFilms

Christophe Deroo

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