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Special Screening VHS Nights

With more than 40 screenings over the course of two years, this project gives new life to a format that refuses to be pronounced dead. The goal: to screen forgotten films from the video rental services, with a focus on ‘80s horror and science-fiction, the golden age of the VHS. After a full house screening in MOTELX 2016, the event is back with “Nasty Hunter” (or “Lady Terminator”), by H. Tjut Djalil (Indonesia, 1989), the low-budget recreation of “The Terminator” and with a female villain. A not to be missed exotic example of the ‘so- bad-it’s-good’ genre.

Dates: 6 September
Schedule: 22h00
Runtime: 95 minutes
Language: Portuguese, English
Subtitles: Portuguese
Place: Sala 2 - Cinema São Jorge
Price: Free Entrance
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