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Big Bad Wolf
Short Scares

This year, the Big Bad Wolf presents three short film screenings, two of them tailored especially for children as young as six years old and one for an older audience, from 12 years of age onwards. This collection of shorts from all around the world intends to stimulate the children’s imagination and entertain the whole family with a wide variety of monsters, creatures, and fantastic worlds that you will discover in these Big Bad Wolf screenings. On 9 September, the screening will be followed by a surprise mini-activity inspired by Cinemateca Júnior shadow theatre. Advanced booking for groups is mandatory.


Russia, 2015
Polina Minchenok

Once Upon a Blue Moon
United Kingdom, 2015
Steve Boot

Dinner Time (Čas za večerjo)
Slovenia, 2016
Filip Bihar

Steadfast Stanley
USA/Canada, 2014
John Cody Kim

Johnny Express (자니 익스프레스)
South Korea, 2014
WOO Kyungmin

Czech Republic, 2013
Alexandra Hetmerová

Germany, 2015
Natalia C. A. Freitas

The Gossamer (Pautinka)
Russia, 2016
Natalia Chernysheva

Belgium/Netherlands, 2015
Jan Snoekx


Spain, 2009
Rodrigo Blaas

Dasha and the Cannibal (Dasha y Ludoed)
New Zealand, 2015
Oliver Hilbert

The Witching Hour
USA, 2016
Riley Geis

France/United Kingdom, 2014
Emma McCann

Nova Zelândia, 2015
Oliver Hilbert

Brazil, 2014
Marcella Furtado, Regina Resende Barroso, Silvano José de Faria Júnior, Tomás Gobbo Lopes

Mexico, 2014
José Sierra

An Adventure of Fear (Una aventura de Miedo)
Spain, 2017
Cristina Vilches

Language: Portuguese
Runtime: 60 minutes
Age: 6+/12+
Price: Children up to 16 years old 1,10€, Adults 3,20€
Contact: | 213 462 157

7 & 9 SET: +6 | 15h00
8 SET: +12 | 15h00
Cinemateca Júnior
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