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Moulds Workshop - Sculpture, Objects, and Props Reproduction Techniques

Does your film have an army of pistols or swords? Do you need 50 heads, 20 hands and 30 legs? Do you want to replicate a jar so you don’t have to destroy the original? Do you need an animated puppet? Do you want a copy of your brain? This is the workshop for you. João Rapaz and Catarina Santiago will show you how to use the techniques, tools and materials to replicate your fantasies and worst nightmares time and time again.  

Language: Portuguese
Runtime: 2 days (total: 16 hours)
Age: 16+
Price: €175
Vacancies: 20

9-10 SET | 09h00
Projeto Bússola Travessa do Rosário, 31A 1250-096 Lisboa
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